Gerard Butler reveals weight loss secret

Find out what Gerard does to maintain his fitness and stay slim.

The 41-year-old actor has revealed that a combination of Yoga, staying off the heavy weights and watching what he eats have helped maintained his trim physique.

He said: "I ate my last meal in October and I run about 40 miles day. I'm joking! It's just doing a lot of cardio and extremely watching what I eat. I stopped lifting big weights and I'm doing yoga."

"It's not hard to stay in shape. It's hard to be in really good shape!"

The Scottish heartthrob believes he may have also lost weight because he is doing a surfing movie in the future and has been training in preparation.

He added to US Weekly: "If I wear a long shirt, everyone says, 'Oh my, God! He lost so much weight!' But this is just how I look."

"I just used to be a lot bigger. But now I'm surfing. I'm doing a surf movie so I have to slim down. I don't know, maybe I'm sick or something!"

Gerard is not the only Hollywood star to to use the muscle-stretching exercise to stay fit, with Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and David Beckham all frequent yoga enthusiasts.