Gordon Ramsay Takes Down Wannabe Chefs On Twitter...And It's Brutal

Gordon Ramsey Critiques

The doors of Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen have been released on these cooking hopefuls. WARNING: Food dreams will be crushed.

Is it hot in here or is it just these Gordon Ramsay comebacks?

In a bid to offer aspiring chefs feedback on their culinary skills, the foul-mouthed chef himself certainly hasn't taken any prisoners as he dished out some brutally honest advice that would make Hell's Kitchen producers proud.

Gordon Ramsey Critiques

Wannabe chefs lined themselves up, sending Ramsay pictures of their food plates in wait of the TV chefs razor-sharp responses. And boy were they sharp!

One Twitter user shared a picture of their grilled meat dish, asking the 50-year-old cook, "What do you think of this steak?" for Ramsey to reply "New battery for your smoke alarm".

Another cooking hopeful asked the masterchef to "Rate the level of doneness on this steak from raw to piece of old shoe.’. Ramsay's response was off the richter scale, with the star replyng "Ghandi’s flip-flops."

Some fans are even rumoured to have deleted their original tweets after falling victim to the star's criticism, according to Deadline News. But lucky for you, these ones didn't.

And just in case you thought Gordon Ramsay's Twitter account had been hacked, one Twitter user already asked the question.

Despite fans begging for the torturous tweets, Ramsay did dish out a few compliments here and there.

Guess there's a soft spot to the chef after all (well, if your cooking is up to scratch). Submit your dishes at your own risk.

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