Gordon Ramsay Talks Wedding Bells After Seeing This Fans Dish

6 May 2017, 10:49 | Updated: 6 May 2017, 10:50

Gordon Ramsay

Just Marry Him Already!

As far as food critics go, Hell's Kitchen's Gordon Ramsay is king of the chopping block in more ways than one...and his fans can't get enough of it!

With a growing reputation for dishing out some (hilarious) cut-throat feedback to chef hopefuls on Twitter, we wondered if anyone would EVER win over the famous TV chef's tastebuds.

But one amateur cook's sizzling pork loin not only got the thumbs up from Gordon, but got the award-winning chef hearing wedding bells.

Twitter user Bridgett Luttenbacher put her fiance's tasty dish to the test tweeting the 50-year-old chef ‘@GordonRamsay What do you think of my fiancé’s skillet pork loin?’

But much to everyone's surprise, the mouthy chef only had two words in response...'Marry Him'.

Quite naturally, the rare compliment scored over 146,000 retweets and over 476,000 likes! Speaking to the Metro, Bridgett said, ‘My fiancé Jeff works as a landscaper but is also an amazing cook. I am usually posting pics and bragging about his cooking on Instagram.'

So we guess Gordon's advice worked then!

But just in case you thought the mouthy chef had gone soft, Gordon jumped back on Twitter to tell one fan to see the doctor after viewing his dish.

Oh well, you can't win em all!