Even The Most Obsessive Harry Potter Fans Are Arguing Over This New Discovery

20 November 2017, 15:43 | Updated: 20 November 2017, 15:45

Harry Potter Voldemort Theory

By Naomi Berners

Could this really be what people are saying it is?!

Despite knowing the films word for word, there seems to be a teeny tiny detail Potterheads are only just discovering from Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban.

As Harry and his fellow Gryffindors wait impatiently in front of the portrait of the Fat Lady, eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that one of the neighbouring portraits seems to be rather enjoying her wailing - sorry, singing. This in itself is pretty weird, as she doesn't exactly have the voice of an angel, but, it gets weirder...

The subject of said portrait appears to be none other than Lord Voldemort.

As wild as it sounds, it could hold truth - we know J.K loves to plant hidden messages in her books and films after all.

Does this explain how You Know Who was able to keep such a close watch on young Harry throughout his Hogwarts years?


He could've even had multiple portraits dotted around Hogwarts, and no one was any the wiser...

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But, despite the uncanny likeness, not all of the fandom are united in agreement that this is Lord Voldemort.

It is common knowledge that only a deceased person can inhabit a moving portrait, and as Voldemort is neither technically dead nor alive at the time of the third film, could this really be him? 

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And why, just WHY would it have gone unnoticed for so many years? Surely Dumbledore would have looked down his crooked nose through his half moon spectacles from the staircase at some point and thought: "That portrait sure looks like Voldemort, we best get Filch to remove it."


The Deathly Hallows Part 2 was the final Harry Potter film to be released back in 2011, and we were left with an epic void in our insignificant muggle worlds as we realised we would probably never get to discover a new Harry Potter adventure for the first time ever again.

Those epic all-nighters we pulled after the release of a new book, desperate to absorb ourselves in the magical world, are now distant memories.


It still hurts.

Until J.K Rowling herself addresses this latest theory, we're just going to sit here quietly and immerse ourselves back into the Wizarding World we love so much.

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