There's A Scottish Edition Of Harry Potter And It's Got Everyone In Stitches

22 January 2018, 15:46 | Updated: 22 January 2018, 15:48

Harry Potter Scottish

By Naomi Berners

"Chaipter Ane: The Laddie Wha Lived."

Harry Potter has been translated into a record-breaking amount of languages for fans across the world.

And the 80th translation of Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone is probably the most incredible version so far. Titled "Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stane", it's the story of Harry that we all know and love, but with a bit of a Scottish twang to it.

(Professor McGonagall must be so pleased!)


Many of the characters have had their names changed into Scots - everyone's favourite headmaster Albus Dumbledore is now 'Dumbiedykes', whilst Aunt Petunia is now 'Auntie' Petunia (she definitely sounds kinder like that!). You Know Who's name is still Voldemort, but if you'd rather not say it, you best utter You-Ken-Wha.

Harry Potter: Scots Edition

Quidditch is 'Bizzumbaw', which makes for an interesting read when Gryffindor take on 'Slydderin'. And we all know who's head of Slydderin House - Professor Snipe of course.

(Hufflepuff is translated to Hechlepech and Ravenclaw becomes Corbieclook, in case you were wondering.)

But probably the best translated word is 'owls', which reads as 'Hoolets'. Too cute!


This edition of the book was translated by Scots expert Matthew Fitt, who said: "I wanted tae dae this for a lang time but kent I wanted tae get it richt."

"I'm that honoured tae be the Scots translator o this warld-famous Harry Potter buik and chuffed tae ma bitts that Scots speakers, baith young and no sae young, can noo read the novel again, this time in oor gallus braw Mither Tongue."

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According to the 2011 census, over 1.5 million people speak Scots, and it's great that they can now enjoy the pivotal moment when Harry finds out about his magical heritage in their own language - with Hagrid exclaiming: "Harry - ye're a warlock!"


As it stands, only the first book has been translated into Scots, but with J.K Rowling spending a lot of time writing the series in cafes around Edinburgh, we're sure the entire works will be eventually re-written!

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