Helping Haiti single

Simon Cowell's Helping Haiti single - 'Everybody Hurts' has gone straight to No 1 in the Big Top 40.

The song, originally a top ten hit for REM in 1993, features 21 of the biggest artists around including Leona Lewis, Mariah Carey, Cheryl Cole, JLS, Miley Cyrus, James Blunt, Gary Barlow and Mark Owen.

The track stormed into the chart as this week's highest new entry, ending Owl City's two week reign at the top of the chart.

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Watch the official video below but please note that there are some scenes in the video you may find distressing.




Your views:


- luv this song so much. everybody is doing a great job, raising money 4 charity. xxx Katie

- This is one of my best top 3 songs and now it is more meaningful than ever.  I see those pictures and videos and could not start to imagine if that had been me going through what they are going through it is unimaginable.  I just hope all that is raised gets to them so they can start to rebuild their lives - little comfort to losing loved ones but nothing would replace bring family back - brilliant song and thanks to all those who made it - it helps us to help them by getting the famous involved.  I've donated and I hope millions more do too! Carla

- Watched it on tele last night lovely song had me in tears. Let's hope the single sells well. Kayleigh.

- Just to say well done to all involved. My wife and I watched the 5 minute programme on the TV on Sunday both in tears. It just goes to show that worries we may have are not so bad. It makes you grateful for everything we have. Christopher.

- I think its fab, `way to go Simon', brilliant. Fran

- A Great Song here and a great way to earn money for it for the Haiti Appeal. Luke

- Thinks its a good song for a great cause! Just wish some other people would stop being so miserable and cynical and see it for what it is...a great cause!! If it saves even one persons life its so worth it! Naomi

- It's a great song and sends goosebumps down my spine good luck Roswitha xxx

- I love this song by REM. I heard the version for the Haiti appeal on the way to work and it made me cry! It's such a shame that this version has been made because of a terrible disaster. We are so lucky here. I can't imagine what people must be going through.I hope this song raises lots of money X Helen

- Good redition and Iwant to download  how do I do it? Anne

- I had tears in my eyes ready to fall. the video on youtube is SO sad. i had really good fun guessing who sung what. Sacha

- Well done to simon cowell and the stars of the record what a moving song brings a tear to my eye every time  i hear it. Ann

- So moving, makes me go cold. Very appropriate song, hope it makes loads of money to help those poor people in Haiti. Mary xx

-  Very flat and bland with no hook points 2 catch t ear, artists sound like der bored n just wanna get it over n dun wit. I wont but it but I ave don8d £20 to apeel thro me bank. Marcus

- Simply fantastic well done everone got  to be a hit and raise so much for a good cause. Marcus

- Its Fab. Brings images of the people of Haiti & a tear to my eye every time I hear it! Will defo buy it, every little helps! Kim

- Woah! love this song, and this good cause just makes me love it even more! Well done simon (for once) and the singers!xxx Harmony xxx

- Really love this song. Every time I hear it it give me goosebumps. Feel very sad about what has happened and hope things can be resolved speedily for the people of Haiti to try to get back to some sort of normality. Francesca

- I'm afraid to say like most cover versions it's awful BUT as it is for a good cause then well worth buying. Maxine

- i love this song its brilliant i made my tutor play it in lesson today. i really love it mostly because gary barlows in it and michael buble but it is a very good song. as soon as it comes out on monday i am defenatly buying it. Deana

- I think this is really great it is sureal to hear the likes of Robbie, Kylie, Rod Stewart sining alongside Susan Boyle bringing the world of voice together in this very fitting single. Love it ;-) Sandra

- possibly the saddest song ever, as it makes me cry everytime I hear it anyway! Congratulations to those who chose it, I hope it makes loads of money for the people of Haiti- will definitley be downloading it on Sunday..... sob sob;(  Jo

- I always say the originals are the best but not this time great song for a great cause, well done simon & great to see Robbie & TT together again xx Di

- Better than the original. Made me cry, Its brilliant. Will deff buy it for the good cause. It makes you think how lucky we are to have what we do. Sue

- I like it alot, I LOVE the fact MIKA is on it. He's wonderful, ill be downloading it on sunday!!! Jodie

- It's Touching to know celebrities care. Rachel

- What a beautiful recording by so many talented people.  The physical devastation and emotional suffering to this tiny island is so immense that we lucky people should take a minute to remember just how fortunate we are. The money raised from this record won't resolves Haiti's problems - but it will make a difference! Urge everyone you know to buy 'Everybody Hurts'. Karen

- Great, love it will be buying it hope it raises loads. Frances

- OMG love you Cheryl, Alexrand, Simon Cowell, and all the rest xxxx Jordan

- It's a good song but I can't tell who is singing what bit. Rebecca


Loved it - hope it raises a lot of money  well done to everyone. Jo

I never really liked this song before but this version is touching beyond words, it really does make you think about the people of haiti.  We sit here in our warm homes, eating nice hot food, do we really understand even a small amount about what the Haiti population are going through, i dont think we do at all.  We see it on the tv but we cant comprehend losing everything like that. Please buy this single to raise the money they need. Jo

Everybody Hurts': Well done everyone. Very poignant song. The whole time I was listening to it-I remembered some of the amazing images that were captured by the media when people were rescued alive! Special praise to Simon Cowell for getting so many wonderful singers to help. Everyone must buy to raise as much money as possible to help these poor people re-build their lives. God Bless. Jackie

I heard this morning first play, I think its great so good to hear Sue Boyle singin alongsides the like of Robbie & Kylie she did sound great.  Well Done Simon Cowell you lovely man you sure know how to pull it in. Sandra.

The song is available to download now and to buy today.