Could America Have It's First FEMALE President? These Stars Think So.

Election Canavs

America could look set to have their very own female leader and these stars are VERY excited.

Katy Perry was among the first in a string of stars to congratulate Hilary Clinton on becoming the first American woman to be a presumptive presidential nominee.

The historical achievement sparked a frenzy in the social media world, including the 'California Girls' singer who congratulated the 68-year-old politician.

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Regardless of their political views, more stars reached out to Hilary on Twitter as comedian Ellen Degenres proclaimed she'd never been prouder to be a woman, while actress Eva Longia posted a powerful poster of the  presidential candidate.  

'Kick Ass' actress, Chloe Moretz was more than happy to share who she was voting for when Americans head to the polls in November.  

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Cher also commented on the fact she never thought she would see the day such a milestone would take place, as she revealed she thought being a female president was illegal when she was little girl.

Among those to congratulate Hilary was her husband, former American president Bill Clinton, who gave an impassioned speech abut her victory during the primary election night in Brooklyn. 

"Thanks to you, we've reached a milestone," Bill gushed. "Tonight's victory is not about one person. It belongs to generations of women and men who struggled and sacrificed and made this moment possible."