WATCH! Is This Holly Willoughby's Naughtiest Innuendo Yet? Star Left Cackling After THIS Blunder

Holly's 'Willy Wanging' Leaves Ben In Hysterics! | This Morning


Sometimes what you say, and what you mean are TWO different things.

Holly Willoughby is no stranger to a laughing fit, but this time the star looked set to self-implode as she was left cackling at her most EPIC blunder yet.

The beautiful blonde has dropped a clanger or two during her time on the live television show, but Thursday's feature on 'welly-wanging' left her and guest co-host Ben Shepard howling at it's similarities to another very rude phrase.

Of course, it wasn't long before Holly slipped up and accidentally said "willy w*****g".

Holly and Ben were left in stitches at her huge error and we have to admit, so were we!

Holly Willoughby's 'willy wanging' blunder is the best!

Viewers swiftly took to Twitter to make jokes about what only could be described as TV gold.

Oh you've got to love her!