Honey G Is Taking On The Music Industry By Launching Her Own Record Label

7 June 2017, 09:46

Honey G X Factor Live

By Hollie Borland

The X Factor star may have been axed by Simon Cowell's record label but Honey G has announced that she'd now launching her own. Would you want to be signed to it?

The former 'X Factor' star was dropped by music mogul Simon Cowell in April, but has now decided to take creative control of her work by forming her own label called H to the O Music. 

She explained: "I decided to launch my own label in order to give me more creative control and focus purely on producing real rap and hip-hop music." 

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Honey G Show video
Honey G in her music video for her single 'The Honey G Show'. Picture | YouTube/HoneyGVEVO

Honey also revealed she's produced and composed her new single 'Hit you with the Honey G'. 

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Honey said: "My new single, 'Hit you with the Honey G' was produced, arranged and composed by me and was mixed and mastered by Grammy Award winner Liam Nolan from Metropolis Studios." 

She said, too, that the lyrics touch on her own life experiences. 

Honey shared: "All the samples were generated and sequenced by me and I recorded and produced the guitar in the chorus. In the song my lyrics are about my life and my experiences." 

And despite recently splitting from Simon, Honey remains positive about the next phase of her music career, having assumed control of her own destiny. 

The rapper explained: "Working with Syco was great, but now I'm totally in control. I'm personally backing the whole PR campaign for the single and I can now exemplify my own vision. 

"I feel now is my chance to become globally recognised as a rapper and I hope the people believe and invest in my music."