6 Times Hugh Grant Overshared In This HILARIOUS Q&A With Meryl Streep

Hugh Grant in London

The 'Bridget Jones' actor took to the internet to answer the burning questions of fans, but gave just a little too much information...

If there's one thing we love about Hugh Grant it's his whimsical charm, and he didn't disappoint when he took to Reddit with co-star Meryl Streep to promote their latest film 'Florence Foster Jenkins.'

During his bid to answer all the burning questions from fans, we learnt A LOT about the 'Notting Hill' actor... maybe a bit *too* much.

1. Never give Hugh more than one hot dog...

2. Hugh isn't actually as charming as we thought! Turns out he can flick it on and off like a light switch. *SIGH*


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3. Hugh has made some TERRIBLE fashion choices in the past! 

4. We won't be seeing Hugh star as 007 anytime soon 


5. If you want to get on Hugh's good side... you need to massage his ego! 


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6. Hugh actually watches his own movies back! Hilarious! 


If this doesn't make you want to go and see the film...we don't know what will!