Is This The CUTEST Disney Proposal That's Ever Happened?

24 October 2017, 16:00

Disney Proposal

By Alice Westoby

Actor John Stamos stole the heart of his girlfriend and the WORLD when he pulled off this adorable proposal.

Boys, if you're wondering the key to many a girls heart then the answer is often Disney!

Of course, being a Disney princess isn't necessarily every girl's cup of tea but there aren't many ladies out there who could resist a bit of Disney magic and John Stamos fully used that to his advantage when proposing to his girlfriend, actress Caitlin McHugh.

His rep Laura McHugh spilled the beans to Good Morning America about how the super romantic moment unfolded.

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She said: He put together some of the most romantic moments from Disney and Pixar animation and then he ended it with Sebastian from The Little Mermaid saying, ‘Just ask the girl’ to John.”

The loved up pair then headed to Disney's 21 Royal restaurant where they celebrated their happy news with their loved ones.

Disney Animation Director Paul Briggs also revealed how he helped animate parts of the special surprise.

He said: "John Stamos had the wonderful idea to propose to his girlfriend at Disneyland! So I helped him out! We cut a montage of greatest love moments from Disney Animation & I animated a small scene at the end! So happy for them! Congrats!"

What a one of a kind proposal!