Latest James Bond film gets named

It's been confirmed that the 23rd James Bond movie will be titled 'Skyfall'.

It sees Daniel Craig feature in his third outing as Ian Flemming's 007, starring alongside Judi Dench and newcomers Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes and Alber Finney.

Craig said that the film will be "Bond with a capital 'B'", adding: "It's all in the script, and we've got a great script."

Pirates of the Caribbean actress Bérénice Marlohe will play a character called Severin, who she described as "glamourous" and "enigmatic", while English actress Naomie Harris will play an agent called Eve.

The film will also boast Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes, who was optimistic about both the cast and the script but also revealed the massive task ahead for all parties.

"I thought the story was fantastic," Mendes said. "I love Daniel and Judi. This is an enormous challenge."

Contrary to rumours of a planned trilogy, following on from Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, Mendes added that Skyfall "is its own story" and "doesn't connect with the last two movies".

However, there are still some aspects yet to be confirmed - including who's singing the film's theme. Adele and The Kings of Leon are amongst the acts on the rumour mill but we'll have to wait for official confirmation.

One thing's for sure - Skyfall will be released in cinemas on October 26, 2012...and we can't wait!