7 Hilarious Things You Didn't Know About James Corden

James Corden does Adele

Noone makes us laugh more than James Corden, and it seems his past is just as hilarious as his jokes. Here a 7 funny facts about 'The Late Late Show' host that he probably doesn't want you to know! #Kingoffunny

1. Believe it or not... James Corden was in a boy band called 'Insatiable'. 


2. Which TOTALLY explains why he's so good at karaoke.  

3. However he could be getting a slap on the wrist from 'Late Late Show' producers about his dodgy driving. (Both hands on the wheel James!)

4. He only left school with 2 GCSE's... Luckily it all worked out. 

5. He had a small role in 'Hollyoaks' as a caretaker. 

6. He's dated Sheridan Smith! Who knew? 

7. He's used to get bullied by his mates for being a HUGE Take That fan.