Jennifer Lawrence's fan troubles

The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has claimed that fans of Suzanne Collins' novels were unhappy with her casting.

Jennifer plays heroine Katniss Everdeen in the movie adaptation of the hugely popular series. The actress revealed readers initially thought her 'too fat, too pretty and too blonde' for the role.

'I didn't know until the interviewers told me that all the fans were p*ssed because I was blonde,' she told The Sun. Then I was like, "What? Damn, I'll just dye my hair."

Jennifer found that she lost weight naturally as she filmed the movie, due to the intense, physical nature of the plot.

'It was great to lose weight because it was unintentional,' explained the 21-year-old. 'I didn't go to the gym once. It was just a really physical movie.

'I actually ate more on that movie than I ever have on any other because it was non-stop and physical and I needed energy,' continued the Oscar-nominee. 'It happened very naturally with all the training.'

The Hunger Games is currently on track to be the biggest film event of the year, having already grossed well over $210 million worldwide.