WATCH: The John Lewis Christmas Advert Has Finally Arrived And Buster The Dog Will Melt Your Heart!

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 - #BusterTheBoxer


Buster The Dog is John Lewis' latest hero, and he'll be sure to make you laugh and coo in their new festive campaign. Vote and tell us whether you think it's better than last year.

With a catalogue of tear-jerking, magical and heart-warming festive commercials under their belt, the John Lewis Xmas advert 2016 is expected to pack more punch than the rest. 

Last year the retail giant outdid itself with ‘The Man On The Moon’ campaign featuring the adorable tale of a little girl trying to spread a little Christmas cheer with the lonely man on the moon. 

Meet Buster The Dog, the star of John Lewis' latest Christmas advert (Youtube)

Now the high-street retailer has taken a different approach this year, by introducing a new hero in the form of an adorable canine called Buster the boxer. 

The new two-minute clip which just dropped on Youtube sees tells the story of the doe-eyed boxer dog and his family at Christmas.

Set to the sound of British electronic group Vaults, the soundtrack is a modern spin on Randy Crawford's 1980 jazz hit One Day I'll Fly Away, and the high-street giant teamed up with The Wildlife Trusts charity for the festive campaign.

Bridget is gifted with a trampoline for Christmas but her pet dog loves it more (Youtube)

Buster’s cute co-star, a little girl named Bridget, loves nothing more than to jump on her bed so her mum and dad buy her a trampoline for Christmas and hide it in the garden to surprise her on Christmas Day. 

However, the watchful dog spots some wildlife animals emerging from the bushes at night – two foxes, a badger, a squirrel, and a hedgehog – who can't resist having a go on the trampoline whilst Buster spies from inside.  

A group of garden animals find her trampoline in the night and can't resist jumping on it (Youtube)

When the little girl wakes up on Christmas morning, she excitedly runs down the stairs to find her brand new toy in the garden, but Buster gets there first he sprints past her and starts bouncing on her trampoline.

The adorable ad, makes a change from the usual emotional rollercoasters John Lewis have served up over the past few years. 


WATCH: Kevin The Carrot Is Aldi's Latest Christmas Ad Star And The Internet Is Obsessed!  

Looks like Aldi is also a fan of John Lewis' latest offering, and even gave Buster The Dog a shout out on their Twitter using the star of their own Christmas advert, Kevin The Carrot.

The highly-anticipated advert comes after a mini-teaser ad, called 'Bouncing 2016, mysteriously began being promoted on Twitter with fans quick to point out their signature font. 

While John Lewis slyly teased their ad, some eagle-eyed fans clocked some VERY familiar products in the picture on their Twitter page.

User, @Little_Flynn thinks she's rumbled the high-street retailer, after noticing the cushion and curtains featured in cover photo could be traced back to John Lewis' online store.

Proof or coincidence? #bouncebounce @bouncing2016 header photo @JohnLewis #Christmasadvert

— Amy (@Little_Flynn) 7 November 2016


Turns out, the yellow and cream embroidered cushion, marked as the Figueria Cushion in Saffron, can be bought on the John Lewis website for £30 while the autumnal Ellin Lined Eyelet Curtains in Citrine, are priced between £45 and £125. 

You can't get anything past us John Lewis!