This Unlikely Hero In Aldi's New Christmas Advert Has The Everyone Obsessed

John Lewis - Christmas Advert

You may want to think twice before eating your carrots after seeing this adorable hero in Aldi's new advert.

With the likes of John Lewis leading the Christmas Advert battle with their catalogue of tear-jerking, magical and heart-warming festive commercials over the past years, it was only a matter of time before other brand's followed suit. 

Now everyone is going crazy for an unlikely hero, in the form of Kevin the Carrot, the star of Aldi's latest Christmas campaign.  

The minute long clip sees the animated vegetable awaking on Christmas Eve before a series of disasters unfold. 

Fans had first thought the vegetable was linked to the release of John Lewis' highly anticipated advert, after a Twitter profile featuring the character mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. 

The description reads: ‘Legends aren’t born, they’re grown’, and now it seems this one great carrot is set to be a crunch above the rest after the full video dropped today. 

Carrots haven’t had he greatest TV history so far, so maybe this root vegetable might be about to change all of that. 

The advert comes after the garden grown star posted a series of teasing jokes on a dedicated Twitter page over the weekend.