Kate Hudson opens up about her Muse

The actress "couldn't stay away" from boyfriend Matt Bellamy

The "Something Borrowed" star has spoken openly about her relationship with the Muse frontman.

The couple, who are expecting their first child together, met last year at US festival Cochella.

Hudson was impressed when, after getting separated from her friends at the event, Bellamy offered to take care of her.

The 32-year-old realised pretty quickly she was falling for the musician. "In the beginning I felt like, OK, this is going to be heavy. Am I prepared for this?" but she admits that she just "couldn't stay away" from Bellamy.

Speaking of her pregnancy Kate's revealed it didn't come as a surprise "There were no ovulation kits involved. We were tempting fate and it worked" she said in an interview with American InStyle magazine.

"I love that Matthew knows how to express himself. He shows his love. He communicates" gushed the star.