Kate Winslet Says There WAS A Way For DiCaprio To Survive In Titanic!

Titanic Filmstill Winslet and Dicaprio

The Oscar-winning actress claims Titanic didn't have to end in tragedy as there WAS a way to save Leonardo DiCaprio from drowning at the end of the film.

Everybody would agree that besides the ship sinking, the most gut wrenching part of Titanic was seeing two lovers torn apart.

Now Kate Winslet has agreed that there definitely was a solution that would have seen DiCaprio's character Jack live on. 

You'll probably remember the teary moment Jack, who was chest high in icy water, froze to death while Rose survived by floating on the surface of a wooden door. 

It's fair to say the moment she lets him slip away is the most gripping scene in cinema history. 

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Now, Kate Winslet admits that there probably was room for Jack on the door too, confirming multiple fan theories. 

During her appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', the 'Steve Jobs' star said: "I think he could have actually fitted on that bit of door!’"

Wait a minute... WHAT?! Did we just hear Kate Winslet right? Yep, we did and she totally agrees with what we've been saying since FOREVER. 

Fans have been claiming for years that there was space for two people to fit on the door and this could have been instrumental to Jack's survival. 

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Titanic Fan Theory

Well, it's 20 years late but we got there in the end!