Katy Perry signs divorce papers

Katy Perry reportedly signed her divorce papers with a smiley face.

The songstress filled out paperwork on Tuesday stating that she and husband Russell Brand have agreed on all financial issues need for the divorce prodedures.

The judgement was then signed by the couple and Superior Court Judge Marc Marmaro, barely six weeks after Russell filed for divorce.

Katy signed the divorce settlement with a smiley face next to her signature, court records reportedly show.

'The parties have entered into a comprehensive written settlement of all issues, including, without limitation, with respect to the property to be confirmed or assigned to each party,' states the official document.

The pair reportedly didn’t sign a pre nuptial agreement and as a result, Russell is entitled to approximately $20 million of Katy’s fortune.

However, sources claimed yesterday that the British comedian is waiving his community property rights to take 50 per cent of Katy’s earnings.