Kelly Brook stars in spoof version of Dynasty

Kelly is joined by Kate Moss in a one-off spoof of the cult 80s TV show.

32-year-old Kelly played Krystle Carrington, originally played by Linda Evans, while fellow supermodel Kate Moss played on-screen nemesis Alexis, who was played by Joan Collins.

The show was a special birthday present to Topshop boss Sir Philip Green, and it cost a whopping £1 million.

'Philip is a hard man to please - after all, what do you get the man who has everything?,' an insider reportedly said.

'But he's a huge Dynasty fan,' continued the source, 'and his wife thought it would be great fun to have him and his family starring in a spoof episode.

'Kate and Kelly added some glamour as Alexis and Krystle and everyone loved it.'

Where can we watch it?!