Kim Woodburn Erupts At Phillip Schofield Saying 'I'll Crucify You!'

Kim Woodburn Lashes Out at Phillip Over Her CBB Behaviour | This Morning


The controversial CBB housemate appeared on This Morning and erupted at poor Phillip Schofield!

How Clean Is Your House star Kim Woodburn wasn't very good at biting her tongue in the Celebrity Big Brother house constantly getting into heated discussions with her fellow housemates.

And she was no different to her CBB ways when she appeared on This Morning today and ended up in a heated argument with Phillip Schofield!

The 54-year-old silver fox grilled her about her controversial aggressive behaviour on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ over the past month. 

She snapped at the host: “You see Philip, you were not in there. I know what I went through. I went through hell. You weren’t in there so you won’t know, will you? I went through hell on earth. I was told [by the other housemates] to get back cleaning, which is disgraceful.”

Schofield then hit back defending the other housemates by saying "Well, you said worse" which riled the Queen of Clean even more.

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Phil's co-host Holly Willoughby innocently asked her if she found the experience so "hellish" why she didn't leave.

She explained: “Why should I leave? Why should I lose a massive sum of money for those bums. Would you lose a shed load money enough to buy a house that gets you out in three days? Not on your Nellie. It’s nothing to do with you Philip, what are they paying you? Don’t be cheeky!"

“I’m employed by Channel 5. I said to Channel 5 if you put me in there, I never look for trouble. I do not look for trouble, Phil. If you bring it to me, I’ll crucify you. Don’t bring it to me. I am a very polite lady. "

Kim then rounded off the conversation by calling Phil "a big phoney!"

But it seems like it could be all an act as apparently Kim forgave all and gave Phillip a peck on the cheek once the cameras had stop rolling and told him that she was "Bloody good telly though".