Kings of Leon cancel tour

After lead singer Caleb walks off stage the band have cancelled their entire US tour.

Caleb told the crowd in Dallas a couple of days ago that he had to leave the stage die to his "vocal cords seizing".

"My voice is completely 100 per cent wrong, I'm sorry. I'm about to fall down here because I'm so goddamn hot. I'm gonna go backstage for a second...I'm gonna come back out here and I'm gonna play three more songs." He didn't return.

Fellow band members and brothers Jared and Nathan took to Twitter to the next day to apologise to fans, but now the band have dropped another bombshell by pulling the plug on their whole US tour.

This morning, Jared wrote on Twitter: "Utterly depressed. It's completely out of my hands. Family has to come 1st. If bass solos & backing vocals were more popular, I'd be there."

Nathan tweeted to calm fan's nerves about a rumoured break-up. "Bummed about the tour not happening. So sorry 4 all the fans. We just need some rest. Thanks 4 understanding. WE ARE NOT BREAKING UP!"