Kym Marsh And I’m A Celeb Star Jamie Lomas’ Daughter Rushed To Hospital

5 December 2017, 13:00 | Updated: 12 July 2018, 13:59

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By Rume Ugen

The Coronation Street actress was left frightened after her daughter had trouble breathing.

Kym Marsh was left 'terrified' after her six-year-old daughter Polly was rushed to hospital on Monday night. 

Kym, who is the ex-wife of Jamie Lomas, revealed she took their daughter to Salford Royal Hospital, after she started "gasping for breath" late at night. 

Now reports by The Sun claim that Jamie, who is currently starring on I'm A Celeb... hasn't been informed of the scary incident by producers.

“He hasn’t been told while he’s in the jungle,” show insiders told the paper.

“Because it happened while Jamie was in the jungle, it's not something he'd know about."

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Writing in her column for OK! magazine this week, Kym said: “There was a bit of a drama in our household last week.

“Polly started to develop a cough and a cold, but on Wednesday night at 11.30pm she just started gasping for breath.

“I had to rush her over to Salford Royal Hospital. It turned out she'd got croup. It's something that children up to the age of three can get but Polly is six.

“It was horrible and her cough sounded like she was sea lion. I didn't get to bed until 5 am and even then I couldn't sleep.

“The hospital were brilliant and the staff put Polly at ease because she was terrified. It was really horrible to see."

Luckily, Polly was okay after being given a course of steroids and was soon able to go back to supporting her dad by watching him in the jungle.

Kym, 41, explained: “Polly is dying to see him on the telly and is really missing him. She is going to give him the biggest cuddle ever when he comes back from the jungle."

The news comes after fans praised the couple for their co-parenting skills.

The couple married in 2008 before splitting in 2013, with Kym citing unreasonable behaviour in their divorce.