Leonardo Is That You? Oscar-Winning Doppleganger Spotted At The Olympics

Leonardo DiCaprio Olympics Canvas

Brace yourselves ladies!

If you haven't watched the Olympics yet, you might want to tune in from now on as there is a hunky archer who bears a strikingly similar resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio, and fans are FREAKING OUT.

Brady Ellison, 27, had viewers looking twice as he stepped up and took aim on behalf of the U.S. Archery team at the Olympics in Rio due to his uncanny likeness to the Oscar winning actor. 

Of course it wasn't long before eagle-eyed viewers took to Twitter to share their confusion, when the apparent Leonardo DiCaprio doppleganger took home a silver medal. 

Funnily, the fans weren't the only once to notice the resemblance as the U.S. Olympics team noticed too!