Lionel Richie's hit Hello is an ice-breaker

The Motown legend says his classic song helps in awkward situations.

The 62-year-old crooner says he recites the lyrics to Hello to help make meeting people easier.

'Sometimes I'll walk in and say, "Hello" and they'll say, "Is it me you're looking for?",' Lionel reportedly said in a recent interview.

'It breaks the ice immediately,' he continued, 'if there was ever the best way to walk into a place with major CEO's of major corporations, and the air could not be more crisp, and all of a sudden they crack a joke and I'll say, "Hello" and they'll go, "Is it me you're looking for?"'

'We're automatically amongst old friends!,' he beamed.

Last week, Lionel performed a one-off intimate gig for our Have a Heart Appeal, performing classic hits like Easy and All Night Long.