You Won't Recognise Lisa Reilly After Her INCREDIBLE Weight Loss!

Lisa Reilly Before Weight Loss

The 40-year-old actress looks totally different after dropping a whopping 10 stone!

Lisa Reilly has shaded an amazing amount of weight and looks almost unrecognisable!

So unrecognisable in fact that she had a bit of an awkward moment at a recent family gathering. On ITV's Lorraine she said "I was at a christening three months ago and my auntie didn't recognise me! She hadn't seen me in six months. She was like: "It's all fallen off you!".

It's unsurprising when you see the incredible transformation for yourself!

Lisa Reilly's Incredible Weight Loss

Photo: Rex


She looks fabulous! And her secret...
Exercise! The star enjoys Zumba classes to keep her active.
She also said '"And, of course, what you put into your body. I don't go into the service station and get that bar of chocolate or pack of crisps anymore. And the alcohol makes a difference. I still don't drink."

It goes to show that hard work and discipline does pay off!