Live Aid: 25 years on

Tuesday 13th July marked 25 years since Live Aid.

The gig, organised by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, at Wembley Stadium was designed to to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia.

The line-up included all the big names of 80s music including George Michael, Bono, Sting, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Spandau Ballet, Paul McCartney, Paul Young, Elvis Costello, Alison Moyet, Nik Kershaw and many many more.

Here's your chance to take a look at some fantastic photos from the day and we want your memories.

What are your own memories of Live Aid day? Where you there? Did you watch it? Did you have any favourite moments? Did it make a difference?

- I was in Wales with my best friend staying at my Nan's. She didn't believe us when we said it was on until the early hours of the next morning. She watched the start and made us stand when the National Anthem was played saying "You stand up for your Queen!" It was a fantastic day! Best bits for me Quo,Queen Phil Collins and Led Zeppelin.

- I was there. I was near to the royal box so was able to take some great photos & Have a Brilliant view.The most memorable has to be Freddie & how he just blew us all away. So many moments like sultry Sade,and Bono with a fan. Bowie & how can we forget later on when Simon le Bon missed that note singing A View to a Kill.A truly truly life changing day for all concerned. I have such a good photo of George Michael & Andrew Ridgley to remind me and I also got loads of autographs in my programme. Well done all artists & crowd & of course the old lady herself.....Wembley Stadium. Oh and one of the friends i went with that day, Sue, I married in 1990. Happy Happy Days
Dave Richards

- I was there!! I was 19 and got 2 tickets from one of the dealers at the merchant bank in London where I worked in FX back up. He had bought them to sell at a profit on the markets and then took pity on me as I was desperately trying to get tickets - he sold them to me for £100.00 for the pair!! It was a baking hot day and it was just fabulous - I am so proud to say I was there. The best time was when it started pouring with rain in the evening and Elton John had just come on and the whole crowd sang along to 'I'm still standing' whilst we were all being soaked to the skin!! There was such solidarity on that day - it was truly amazing and I will never forget it.

- Yes I too was there.  Amazing Day and one I will NEVER forget.  For those who were there the two memorable songs were I Don't like Mondays when Sir Bob stopped the crowd with "the lesson today is how to die" and Drive by the Cars - I still cry at that one and if you were not moved by that one you have no soul!!  I still have my T-shirt and programme!

- I was 15 years old & was playing in a squash tournament actually at Wembley on the very same day but i was confined to the squash courts all day. I remember it was a scorching hot day but i was watching it on the television in between games even though it was only a stones throw away & i could hear it outside the courts. Sara Willard

- I was 13,and remember it being a really hot day-i even remember exactly what i was wearing,and my dad had asked me to cycle round the shops for an icecream for us all-and as i got in the shop,i heard paul young being announced on stage on the was the quickest i'd ever cycled home,so i didn't miss him!! also,there was NO better way to open the show than withh status quo,rocking all over the world! We also had videoed the show (on about 20 tapes!!) and about 5 years ago my now ex husband bought me live aid on dvd to finally replace the old chewe tapes,and it brought all those memories back. I don't think anyone will be able to better that show,it was the fact it had been just thrown together that made it truely fantastic-it would be too straight nowadays!!

- I had spent the week at Maker Camp with my school, aged 15, had virtually no sleep. Got dropped back to my school and had to walk back to with my suitcase which was hell. Got in, turned on the TV for Live Aid, turned the sound down, turned on the stereo, plugged in the earrphones, those massive bulky ones, laid down on the settee with it blaring on full volume, and actually fell asleep like that as I was so tired, had a cat nap, woke up to watch the rest of it! Summer of 1985 was the best summer ever. I loved Maker Camp, my school friends, Wham, and Live Aid!!!  I just held a school reunion as we all left in 1986, 50 of my year turned up and we danced to some class 80 tunes!  This song you're playing now, Freedom, my friend Nik bought me for my 15th birthday and I still have it, it was a 45 vinyl. from Sarah!

- I can say I was there... I was on the left looking out from the stage next to the PA system in the middle.  I have walked the length of wembly pitch.  I was wearing a pink dress and got burnt down one side.  I was young.  It is one of the most vivid memories I have and I loved every minute.  I remember George Michael standing to my right in the stands near the royal box in his bright bright yellow shirt.  I remember Freddie and Bono.   It is a day i will never forget - for all the good reasons, but most of all why we were all there.
Jackie McCarthy

- My memories of Live Aid are....: believe it  or not i seperated from my husband on the day of the first Live aid that was a good memory for me and i havent looked back at all thank you.

- My memories of Live Aid are....: The music and atmosphere were fantastic, there was such a buzz.I was a cute 22 year old and reckless.  The Cars and Drive when I hear it now it reminds me of that day - superb.
Yes I think it made a difference people became aware of others and their suffering. Where has that time gone??
Suzie x

- Bob Geldof: I don't like mondays moment.  Queen Freddy mercury was incredible and cars drive and the video that went with it.