Holly Willoughby house: An inside look inside This Morning host’s enviable interiors

7 June 2018, 12:59 | Updated: 14 June 2018, 17:19

Holly Willoughby's House

Phillip Schofield’s co presenter Holly has a beautiful home and thanks to Instagram, we can take a look inside her kitchen and more.

Holly Willoughby is a woman with great style and her house is no exception.

When fans of the This Morning host aren’t searching for her outfits and dresses =, they want to take a sneak peak at her home and beautiful interiors.

And thanks to Instagram, we can take a look inside Holly’s house including her bedroom and kitchen.

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Holly Willoughby kitchen

Holly Willoughby's Home

Holly never reveals too much on social media, but one this is clear - she loves food and cooking! She uploaded a snap of her mid-way through cooking a roast dinner alongside a caption which read: "Sunday bliss... Cooking a roast, listening to Bowie's Hunky Dory album..."

That sounds dreamy to us!

She loves her cats!

Holly Willoughby's Home

All pet owners can totally relate to letting their animals have the run of the house, and it seems like Holly is no different. She has always had gorgeous cats, with Roxy sadly dying in 2016 she now has Bluebell and Teddy.

She regularly shares beautiful snaps of the gorgeous felines wandering around the house.

Holly's eye for detail with home accessories

Holly Willoughby's Home

Holly often shares snaps of a cuppa or her latest dinner and we can't help but notice how she has great taste in kitchenware. It seems like she's a big fan of British ceramics manufacturer Emma Bridgewater and even has a personalised mug from the brand.

Holly Willoughby's kids' play area

Holly Willoughby's Home

It can be nerve wracking letting the kids loose around the house, especially during half terms when all they seem to want to do is do arts and crafts and make a mess! It's good to see Holly has to experience the mess all mums do...but it looks like she's not afraid to get stuck in either.

She lives in a luxury Edwardian home in London with her husband, Dan Baldwin, and children, Harry, Belle and Chester.

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