Madonna And Stevie Wonder's Prince Tribute Savaged By Fans At Billboard Awards!

Madonna Performs Prince Tribute at the Billboard Music Awards, BET Immediately Throws Shade


The Queen of Pop opted to sing 'Purple Rain' in honour of Prince, but the social media reaction has been savage to say the least...

It was the moment everyone in the room was waiting epic Prince tribute performance by Madonna and her special guest Stevie Wonder. 

The Billboard Awards audience seemed to be loving her rendition of 'Nothing Compares To You' and 'Purple Rain' and the pop icon looked incredible in a shimmering purple Gucci suit with Prince's signature lace frilly sleeves. Sadly, everyone on the internet HATED IT. 

Literally as soon as Madonna opened her mouth Tweets started pouring in about how Prince would have hated his old friend's tribute to they know that we're not sure!

We admit Madonna was a tad pitchy in some places...but does she really deserve all of this! 

Watch a clip of Madonna's performance and decide for yourself. Do you think she deserves the stick?