The Man Who Voiced Pingu Looks COMPLETELY Different To How We Imagined

Pingu the penguin

The identity of the man behind the famed penguin has been revealed...

Anyone who grew up in the 80s and 90s will probably have spent their childhood watching Pingu, the clay animation surrounding the adventures of the arctic's friendliest character.

He may have been cute, but he was SUPER sassy when he wanted to be and his mischievous adventures kept us entertained week after week. 

While we never quite understood what the heck Pingu was saying - basically, between "Meep Meep and Noot Noot" he pretty much had a language of his own - we always felt had a strong connection with him.

Pingu was known for his catchphrases (Credit: Youtube)

So you can imagine our shock when we finally came across the genius behind the voice!

Italian voice artist, Carlo Bonomi, brought the character of Pingu to life from 1986 all the way through 2006 and was even responsible for all of his friends and family too!

Carlo Bonomi is the man behind Pingu's voice (Credit: Youtube)

Can you believe that he invented Pingu's famous catch phrases all by himself? 

That's right, everything form the basic Meep Meeps to the more complicated mo shesha fa de dee’s.

While most actors struggle to win a BAFTA speaking plain English, Bonomi managed to nab one for a character that speaks absolute gibberish. 

We've come across a video of the voice artist at work! So feel free to marvel at his excellence! 

Carlo Bonomi also voiced Pingu's family and friends as well as the title character (Credit: Youtube)