Hello! Matthew McConaughey Performs Adele’s Hit Single (And She Loves It, Of Course)

Matthew McConaughey Saves Thanksgiving Dressed As Adele on 'SNL'


Hollywood star and Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey donned a wig, fur coat and make-up to perform as Adele on Saturday Night Live…yes, really! We have to admit his version of ‘Hello’ is pretty funny, and Adele certainly thought so too. Check out the evidence here…

Everyone knew that Matthew McConaughey was going to pull it out the bag for the special Thanksgiving episode of American comedy TV programme, ‘Saturday Night Live’, but we didn’t expect, well, this!

The Oscar-winner donned a wig, make-up and a fur coat to reenact Adele’s music video for ‘Hello’, and the results are amazing!

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The faux music video was part of a sketch about a family fighting during Thanksgiving dinner. As they all bicker over politics, policing and the refugee crisis, one of the younger family members decides to break the cycle of squabbling by playing Adele’s track.

The one thing they can all agree on is how much they love the song…cue some brilliant lip-syncing. 

To make matters more interesting Adele was actually ON the show, singing two tracks from her new album ‘25’. Things could have got awkward, but Adele was typically relaxed about the whole thing – even posting a picture of her reaction on Instagram.

Take a look…she seems like she’s loving it!


A photo posted by @adele onNov 21, 2015 at 9:42pm PST

Let's face it, we love Matthew and we love Adele, so this was always going to be incredible. Just in case you need a reminder, here's Adele's version of 'Hello'…