McFly took success for granted

Harry Judd has revealed that the band rested on their laurels for their last release.

McFly's 2010 album Above The Noise peaked at number 20 on the album charts, and Judd has opened up about the difficulties the band had to overcome.

'I think we realised how hard it was to get people interested again,' said drummer Harry. 'I think we'd taken our success for granted.

'Thankfully the album went well and we had a big hit with Shine A Light, which meant we could go on tour again.'

'We're still going strong and we're still great mates,' explained the 26-year-old. 'We hope we can still have success that allows us to release music and tour.'

McFly will be performing at the Aviva Premiership Rugby clash between Saracens and Harlequins at Wembley on 31st March.