McFly's Danny a fan of Jessie J

The band's guitarist revealed that once Jessie even cooked the boys a meal.

The band met the Price Tag star when they were recording in America with top producer Dallas Austin and Danny Jones has revealed what happened when they spent some time together.

"I'll never forget when she cooked us all dinner, she was this little smiley girl and really, really lovely. All the best to her because she's such a nice girl."

He went on to reveal that the boys were also a fan of her culinary skills.

"It was tremendous, she put on this huge Lasagne buffet and it was great, and she just came to hang out, it was really cool."

Jessie and the boys met up again recently at the launch party of the Blackberry 7, where she was forced to perform sitting down once again as her foot still hasn't healed fully.

jessie j
Laid back: Jessie takes the weight off her injured foot at the Blackberry party.