McFly's Harry Judd and Wife Izzy Welcome Second Child With A Gorgeous Name!

29 August 2017, 08:24

Harry and Izzy Judd Welcome Baby Boy

The couple's new bouncing baby boy arrived in the early hours of the morning on Saturday.

Harry Judd has become a father for the second time, and this time to a little boy!

The McFly drummer and his wife Izzy Judd have welcomed their second child into the world, a son who they have adorable called Kit. He arrived early in the morning on Saturday 26th August and Harry excitedly shared the news to fans on Twitter.

Harry wrote: "We have a son! Kit Harry Francis Judd arrived this morning at 6:37. Both he & his Mummy are doing very well! @mrs_izzyjudd is my hero (sic)"

The couple's new bouncing baby boy arrived in the early hours of the morning on Saturday.

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And Harry's bandmate Tom Fletcher has already taken to social media to congratulate the couple writing alongside a picture of the sun setting: "An amazing first sunset for Kit Judd."

Meanwhile, Izzy - who also has little girl Lola, 18 months, with Harry - previously revealed they are already thinking about a third child.

Asked if they'd like a third child, Izzy said: "We have another frozen embryo and in my mind, I think, had the embryologist that day chosen the other embryo, I wouldn't have met Lola. So now I don't know if I could leave that little one behind."

Izzy also shared the CUTEST snap of little Lola meeting her new brother on Instagram alongside a caption which read "When Lola met her little brother...Kit Harry Francis Judd born Saturday morning at 6.37am weighing 7lbs 2oz we are all besotted".

The pair decided to keep the new baby's gender secret until he arrived as she said: "Can you believe we have the gender in an envelope in our house? [Not opening it] goes against my personality because I'm such a control freak. But until this baby is delivered safely, it really doesn't matter to me. After what we've gone through, I just feel very lucky."

Izzy revealed Harry is a very hands on dad saying: "He's absolutely [hands-on]. I wouldn't let him not be, although when it comes to nappies it's probably 70 per cent me. He's such a great dad and there's nothing I love more than watching them when they don't know I'm watching."