Heart meets Greg Rutherford

Greg Rutherford won the Gold Medal in the Long Jump in what people are calling the greatest day in the history of British sport.

Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and Greg capped the history day by winning the heptathlon, the 10,000m and the Long Jump in just one hour - although Greg didn't receive his medal until the next day!

'The worst thing about not getting the medal for 24 hours was everyone was saying "oh get your medal out, show us your medal,' - I just had to say "I won't have it til tomorrow!

'I had a sleepless night, all the adrenaline was still pumping,' admits Greg. 'I spent the night staring at the ceiling, at half 5 in the morning I admitted defeat, had a walk round the village, got something to eat and just went about my day!'

Team GB have been brilliant this year in the Olympics, inspiring a generation by winning a host of Gold Medals. Greg Rutherford thinks competing on home soil has helped.

'I used it as a great opportunity more than anything,' Greg beams. 'Having a home crowd was absolutely amazing, every time we stepped onto the runway, the crowd went absolutely crazy.

'I genuinely felt like the crowd was lifting me when I took off. Now I have Gold Medal. It's just such a great feeling.'

And finally, some tips for any aspiring Long Jumpers out there...

'The biggest thing is keep your head up when you take off off the board… Find something in the distance - a skyline or something, focus on that… Then just get your legs up as high as you can!'

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