Mel B tries old wives' tricks to speed up birth

The star due to give birth any day now

Mel B has admitted giving old wives' tricks a go to speed up the arrival of her third child.

The star took to her Twitter to share her frustration with her fans and ask for advice.

"Ok, I have walked, had a hot curry.... cried at a movie, bounced up and down a workout ball. Still no labour, any ideas?"

"I am being very chilled about it peeps" continued the singer "but it would be good if it happened soon, ya no (you know) what I mean!! Well I guess this baby has a mind of it's (sic) own, it will come when it's good and ready!!"

Mel already has daughter Phoenix Chi, 12, from her marriage with dancer Jimmy Gulzar and 4 year old Angel Iris with actor Eddie Murphy.

She's currently expecting her first child with film producer Stephen Belafonte.