These Men Followed In The Footsteps Of The 'Loose Women' Naked Photoshoot!

16 May 2017, 11:27

Jacamo Body confidence photoshoot

This bunch of brave blokes have had a go at recreating that 'Loose Women' photoshoot!

The 'Loose Women' recently bared all for a photoshoot to promote body confidence in order to promote next week's special edition of the show, which will invite viewers to tell their body stories.

The photo – which will be brought to life by the Twitter hashtag #MyBodyStory – was captured by singer/photographer Bryan Adams and features stars from the programme including Coleen Nolan, Stacey Solomon and Linda Robson.

Loose Women Body Stories

Inspired by the bold ladies, menswear brand Jacamo invited a bunch of blokes, including athletes from the Invictus Games and Tom Morgan from The Undateable, to recreate the photograph.

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They wanted to highlight the fact that body confidence issues aren't only apparent in women, and that men often suffer from them too.

Jacamo Body confidence photoshoot

They revealed that everyone in the photo has their own body story to tell and want to encourage men to feel great about how they look, whatever shape or size.

Jaco Van Gass, 29, GB Para Cyclist and Invictus Games Athlete has said of the photo: “I usually wear an arm sock over my left arm where it's been amputated, without the sock I feel very exposed, almost naked. But today it felt different, I wanted to show all my scars and marks with the hope that someone else will draw something positive from it.”

This is such a great message for both men and women! Well done guys!