Remember Miranda and Steve’s little son Brady? He’s really grown up now!

BRADY HOBBES: The Man, The Myth, The Legend | Sas Goldberg & Jake Wilson


Over a decade later and little Brady Hobbes isn’t so ‘little’ anymore…

From glam rock Madonna corsets to oversized tutu skirts, we’ve all bared witness to the fabulous fashion changes (and boyfriend changes) on Sex And The City. But we weren’t ready for their child star’s to grow up!

 Since helping to rekindle the romance between his parents Miranda Hobbes and Steve Brady in season 6 of the chic flick drama series, little red-haired Brady Hobbes played by actor Joseph Pupo seemed to have disappeared from our hearts and TV screens altogether. Until now…

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Twelve years on and a few growth spurts later, Pupo (aka little Brady) is now a long haired, grown up, fully fledged young adult with an attitude that would make his on-screen mum jump for joy in her Manolo Blahniks.

 Pupo made his comeback appearance in an interview with The Battery company’s Jake Wilson and Sas Goldberg  who are clearly as star struck as we would be.

 Clearly Pupo is un-phased by his sheer stardom. Check out the child star in action.

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