Watch: Adele Drops Her Brand New Music Video At The Billboard Awards

Adele - Send My Love (To Your New Lover)


The queen of the charts has unleashed her upbeat new single and now the video to match.

We were warned by the London lass herself that she "dances" in the accompanying footage for her new track and now we can see for ourselves what she meant!

Adele chose to drop the video in dramatic style at the 2016 Billboard Awards and we haven't taken it off replay since! 

Clever visual effects blend multiple Adele's together as she moves and sways to the beat of her seriously catchy new song ‘Send My Love (To Your Next Lover).

Original story:

The 28-year-old thrilled fans today as she confirmed her next single will be ‘Send My Love (To Your Next Lover) via a Tweet.

This song will be the third to be taken from Adele's hit album ’25’ after the char-topping ‘Hello’ and the beautiful ‘After When We Were Young’.

The singer is currently immersed in her world tour, but managed to film the new music video amongst all her other duties to her many fans and family.

Adele has previously teased details of the upcoming video during her concerts telling the crowds that she even dances in in! 

Fans are clearly hugely excited by their idol announcing a new music video: