Cheryl Cole unveils yet another new look

The star joins on glamorous night out and tweets a photo...but admits she has a sore head today!

Cheryl has been full of surprises lately and last night was no different.

The star joined her Black Eyed Pea friend at the HTC & Beats Audio party at the London's Roudhouse for a night of champagne and music.

Cole sported a rock & roll outfit, with a polka dot t-shirt, leather leggings and pointy high heels.

She tweeted a photo of herself, writing: "I'll be rocking them BEATS! Yup yup yup yup!".

Later tweeted a photo of them together, and wrote: "Me and little miss tweety bird :)".

However Cheryl is not feeling as glamorous today. She took to her Twitter saying she overdid it last night.
"I just walked past the mirror and caught a glimpse of someone." she wrote "I have no idea who she is.."

And later: "Too many Bubbles .. :'( RT what happened???"


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