Cheryl Cole is in love...with New York

Cheryl Cole's revealed she is in love with New York.

Cheryl has been working on her new album for the last few months and spent some time in the Big Apple. Cheryl told Heart's entertainment reporter Kevin Hughes, "I absolutely, honestly, fell in love with New York this trip, I didn't really get it before but I fell in love and we'll be going on trips there."

Cheryl was speaking to Kevin at the Pride of Britain Awards, which she described as her favourite award ceremony of the year, "These are my favourite awards, my favourite one and it's always nice to watch people like real heroes. We get awards for silly things and these are very important."

As part of the event Cheryl flew over to Afghanistan and she told us - it was pretty terrifying, "I did an experimental gun fire, it didn't feel experimental let me tell you, they just said go and all of a sudden I was being shot at. It was pretendy but it didn't feel pretendy."