Celebs react to Cheryl's sacking

Celebrities have been reacting to Cheryl being given the boot from the US version of the X-Factor. Have your say here.

News broke in the early hours that Cheryl Cole was to be removed from her role as a judge on the US X-Factor due to lack of chemistry with other judges and/or her strong accent being difficult to understand.

Cheryl is currently high on the trending chart for Twitter, and the celebrity tweets have been flooding in:

Piers Morgan - "Just arrived in LA and hearing that Cheryl Cole is OFF the X Factor in America. Wow."

Lord Sugar
- "Agree Cheryl Cole is better off back in the UK she is very good on UK X-Factor, what do the yanks know anyway!"

Dannii Minogue - "Judging roles should come with a life jacket, drop down oxygen and a life raft!" "Sending #Channii love."

Olly Murs - "Really hope rumours are true and Cheryl is quitting US X-Factor!!! She has gotta come back to UK!! Show needs her!!x"

Sinnitta - "USAXF! CC should stay, will be the making of her! Next level, use auto que if necessary!!"

Russel Brand
- Appearing on ITV1's Daybreak this morning: "Our Cheryl? That 'canny' be right! Our Cheryl, kicked off X-Factor? What the American one? And I’ve come to this country in good faith and they’ve kicked Cheryl off, our Cheryl? Oh no! She’s Britain’s sweetheart.”

"Is that what they don’t understand – the accent? Just listen more, just listen very intently. All them things she’s saying – that’s English.”

Reports suggest that co-host Nicole Scherzinger is to be taking the recent vacancy, having appeared as a guest judge on the UK version whilst Cheryl was recovering from Malaria last year.

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