Cheryl opens up about US and X Factor job

The star is relaxed about future possibilies

Cole has opened up about her life and career in an interview with Glamour magazine.

Despite reports of the contrary, Cheryl has claimed she's relaxed about whether she will join Simon Cowell as a judge on the American X Factor. "I've had my life mapped out for the best part of ten years" said the 27 year old "so for now I just want to enjoy myself and live for the moment".

She also quashed claims that she has been taking elocution lessons to get rid of her Geordie accent, which Americans would find difficult to understand. "My accent's going nowhere" she said "Absolutely nowhere".

Cheryl, currently in Los Angeles, admitted she misses British chocolate and Ringtons tea from the UK, which she asks friends and family to bring when they visit her.

Cole also admitting liking future royal Kate Middleton and being quite envious of her shiny hair.