I have had the weirdest weeks, writes Cheryl

The star posts blog entry on her site to tell fans what she's been up to

Cole has taken to her blog to thank her fans for the support they've shown her after she was sacked from the US X Factor.

"I have had the weirdest past few weeks (nothing unusual there though)" wrote Cheryl "I wouldn't even know how to begin to tell you all about it"

She however expressed her joy at having some time off.

"I have had the time that I have not had in so long to just chill with my loved ones and do the normal things that I like to do. See my friends and family and be with my doggys :D. It feels long overdue and sooooo good, even my feet are happy to not have to wear a pair of high heels hehe"

It's also been reported that Ashley Cole's been trying to rekindle his relationship with his ex wife and the two spent time together at their old house in Surrey, though Cheryl did not hint at it in her blog entry.