'I'm no Mariah Carey' says Cheryl Cole

The singer says that emotions in a song are more important than vocal ability

In an interview with the Sun Cheryl said that she can't compare herself to the US diva.

'I am very aware of my ability, I know I'm no Mariah Carey' said Cole 'but I think the emotion in the song is what matters'.

The star, who is currently enjoying chart success with her latest single, 'Call My Name' said it's more important to convey emotions when performing rather than being pitch-perfect.

'It's making people feel what you're singing about' explained Cole 'My new album is designed to entertain and I know when I take to the stage and I see a million little lights it really is game time.'

Cheryl also admitted that she felt nervous embarking on a solo career at first, but that now, after two number 1 albums she feels 'bullet proof'.