Cheryl Cole's most memorable moments

Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole tells Pandora about the moments she cherishes most ahead of the band's 10th anniversary this month.

Cheryl shares both the personal and the career highs of her life in an exclusive interview for the brand, who sponsor Girls Aloud's reunion tour.

'When we were first announced as being in the group, that will always be one of the memories that sticks in my mind more than anything because of the feelings I had attached to that memory,' explains 29-year-old Cheryl.

The Newcastle-born beauty also says that the birth of her sister's son was one of the most special moments in her life.

'I experienced emotions I didn't even know I had and I felt incredibly blessed to be there at his birth,' said the singer.

Cheryl also talks about her memories of the Jubilee - from celebrating as a child 25 years ago, to performing at the Diamond Jubilee this year.

Watch the video below: