Cheryl Cole "has the perfect smile"

What makes a perfect smile? Scientific research suggests Cheryl's got all the ingredients.

Dr David Holmes at Manchester Metropolitan University's psychology department has researched into the factors that can make someone's smile make you want to smile straight back.

Dr Holmes and his team have developed a formula for the perfect smile, revealing that it's combination of face shape, tooth and lip health and being able to 'smile with your eyes', citing Miss Cole's as the benchmark.

"Cheryl Cole is a great example of the perfect smile. It's no coincidence that she has been such a success and become the nation's sweetheart", quotes the Daily Mail.

"Her smile helps her come over as genuine, attractive, and engaging.

If the teeth and lips are in good condition, with a fleshy 'cupid's bow', people respond even more strongly", he said.

Dr Holmes went on to reveal that there's a technique involved to produce such an engaging smile which seems to come so naturally to Cheryl.

"A major factor is how well you can produce a full 'arch-bow' smile. A wide, deep crescent revealing teeth but not gums, and reaching up to the eyes."

Cheryl Cole birthday
The perfect smile? Dr David Holmes says Cheryl Cole has all of the factors needed for one.