Cheryl Cole's red carpet nightmare

The singer finds the experience 'terrifying', but champagne helps!

In an interview with Stylist Magazine Cole admits that red carpet events are no walk in the park.

The Geordie beauty recounted how a while back she had a fashion and beauty mishap just before stepping out onto the red carpet.

"For the record, it's terrifying" said the singer 'We once had this nightmare where my dress ripped here, somebody was sewing here, my nail had just chipped so somebody was painting them," she continued "Then I walked out, tripped in the middle of the corridor, grabbed the security guy and tore all my nail polish off. I had burgundy nail polish all down my white dress."

Ever the pro, Cheryl fixed the problem.
"I said, 'Wait until I figure out how I am going to manoeuvre this handbag so that my nails are covered'."

"That's how I walked down the carpet. It was absolute pandemonium" recounted Cole "Anyone who says that they love red carpets is lying."

However all is not bad when preparing for a glitzy event. "Getting dressed up is the best part. And champagne after the event - that's even better" concluded the 28 year old.

See Cheryl Cole on the cover of Stylist below.
Photo courtesy of Simon Emmet exclusively for Stylist Magazine
Cheryl Cole on the cover of Stylist