Cheryl's single out in 2012

Cole has been recording new material

Cheryl has been recording new music tracks since the beginning of the year and will release her first single from her third album a the beginning of next year.

The star will also have new material out with her band Girls Aloud when they reunite in 2012, making her likely to dominate the charts next year.

Despite the very public issues she's had to face in 2011 - being sacked from the US X Factor and rumours of a not so successful reconciliation with ex husband Ashley Cole - Cheryl's not been crying over split milk, but has been hard at work.

On top of her new music Cheryl has also created an affordable footwear line that will go on sale just before Christmas and has a cameo role in Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez' new film, What To Expect When You Are Expecting.