JLS celebrate Aston's birthday

The band were out at the weekend partying for Aston Merrygold's 24th birthday. Check out the photos!

JLS took their official Twitter account to post fans' pictures of their celebrations. The boys are notoriously hard working, so the night out will have been a welcome break from their demanding schedule.

'#HappyBirthdayAston the drinks are underway!!' read a caption to the picture of the chart-toppers drinking through long straws.

'24 years old now!!! Marv' wrote Marvin as he later added a photo of Aston showing off his muscular physique in an unbuttoned denim shirt on the dancefloor. 

JLS were joined by famous friends, including former boxers David Haye and Lennox Lewis, and Tottenham Hotspurs soccer stars Emmanuel Adebayor and William Gallas.

Happy birthday, Aston!

See the pictures below:

JLS on Twitter

JLS on Twitter